I suppose if you had to place it into a nutshell- that would be me. 140 characters or less to describe oneself. Why do we do that to each other? Tell me who you are, as quickly as possible. Don't waste my time! I need to know if I want to know you. (Really? Is this the world we live in?)

I am an extroverted-introvert. Someone who loves tradition and family but also longs for adventure, new sites and people. A nerd who can talk about Harry Potter and Doctor Who and Gilmore Girls for days. Someone who spends far too much time trying to create perfect playlists that reflect the multitude of moods I inhabit on one car trip. I write and draw and photograph. I design and climb ladders and paint and create. I binge watch too many bad TV shows and love Taylor Swift. I am someone who wants to live life, not just survive it. Not just exist. 

I am a feminist, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend. I was a painfully shy and awkward young lady who grew to love and adore people. I will fight fiercely for those I love- and strive to always be honest with those I choose to confide in.

Time is one of the most valuable treasures- if I have chosen to invest and befriend you, it is one of the highest forms of love I can give.

I can and will sit in a coffee shop for hours. Reading, writing or working on my computer, sometimes just thinking and watching people. 

I have slept on airport floors all over the world, tried octopus in Japan, celebrated New Year's by the ocean in Australia, photographed my sister's wedding in South Africa, climbed a volcano in Guatemala and consumed coffee on every continent except Antarctica... yet I still would tell you I'm not very spontaneous. Someone once described me as a dichotomy, and I would have to agree.