Amok, Amok, Amok- Fall things.

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Its my favorite season. If you've spent more than an hour talking to me, reading my blog, or perusing my social media, I'm pretty sure you already are aware of this fact. (but don't you DARE call me b*sic. I will cut you.) 


A few friends and I have started a book club, so we're reading a thriller sort of book- the above, In the Woods.. its a slow start... I'm hoping it picks up! I'm also listening to The Final Girls on audiobook... trying to scare myself silly obviously. 


I've also put together a few fall twinged playlists... I'll share this one today, and the moodier one a little later on... enjoy!



The Changing of the Seasons...

I always get a little bit of a creative itch when the seasons change. Fall is no exception... it has me crawling out of whatever summer coma I was in and looking at this little neglected corner of the internet and hoping I can spend some time writing and taking photos again. Here's to hope, right?

I have friends and family members who are constantly remarking on how I'm always "eating at such pretty places" and "doing such fun things!" as if my life is full of the images I post on Instagram on a daily basis.

The truth is that I live a pretty low-key life. Working 9-5 (albeit in a creative field.) Mon-Thurs. Most evenings I'm home with my sister and puppy doing normal things and wearing leggings and a sweatshirt. But yes, I do love beautiful things and places, so when I do go out, I tend to gravitate towards those moments. I have been blessed with a few lovely friends who also appreciate these things, and we have a lot of fun together. 

I do hear a lot of complaining about how Instagram/social media isn't "real". People call it out for being a "highlight reel" or "curated". 

Yes. They are correct. And you know what? That's why I LOVE it. I love that its a space where I can curate beautiful things, and follow beautiful people and places... I don't want to see your messy house, sweatpants etc... I KNOW what real life is, what it looks like. I don't need to be overwhelmed by everyone else's real, day to day. I want to be inspired, and I want to inspire. Sure, if following someone on Instagram makes you jealous or envious, by all means, take a step back, examine your own heart, and move on in a way that benefits you. But don't get down on something that is a bright spot in my day, and in the days of millions of others. I've unfollowed people before because they were griping about the shallowness of posting selfies. I'm not a fan of negativity, and if posting a selfie makes a woman or man feel confident and happy, you post that selfie! 

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Who are you

You say I’m beautiful

See my soft eyes and gentle heart

The kindness and spirit in my hair

You want to touch

To answer

To open me up

It is your one thing

I am your one thing

Then with time

The mystery fades

You told me you didn’t like it anyway

But I know you

We’ve spent enough time

Talked and confided

You held me close

I can tell when

I’m at arms length.

This lure and pull,

Some days you smile

And your eyes are like those

That I first fell



Sloppily for.

But now you don’t see

I sit across

Next to you

With you

And I’m invisible


We are invisible


Raised to be vulnerable

To feel lucky

As if the only goal

In this life, this world

Is to find a lover

A husband

A mate


You are raised to feel confident

Strong and determined

What you want

Or nothing else will do

If not us

Then another beautiful woman

With more spirit in her hair

A smaller waist

And softer eyes


I will pick up

Move on and shake you off

Tears don’t last

Though an ache remains

One more brick in a wall

Trying to not be

A skittish colt

A frightened rabbit

Faking confidence

When all I want to do

Is cry and ask if

I’ll always end up alone?

But I’ll always choose alone

Than someone who

Isn’t right

They say you shouldn’t trust

Feelings and emotions

But I refuse to boil this down

To logic and practicality.


Summer Life

So far this summer has been full of fun, lovely things. Small trips, good food, time with family and friends... outdoor movies that get rained out, concerts, and dates with a boy who makes me smile.

I can't believe how big our puppy has grown- she's a full-fledged teenager now, awkward and clumsy and always wanting to be the center of attention. It's all we can do to try and wear her out!

Recently I've revisited some things from days gone by... like palazzo pants. Still a bit unsure of the whole wide-leg pant styles... I'm forever in love with skinnies... but for work I embraced this pair of striped ones from Target. I don't hate them, but I'm trying to not have flashbacks from when I was an awkward 16 year old. 

I've also been re-listening to a few artists that I just lost track of such as the AMAZING St. Vincent. Love.

Happy summer folks!



Weekending- Summer Style

This weekend, my sister Val and I headed out to Pennsylvania to attend the wedding of one of her good friends- due to an emergency, I ended up being enlisted as the wedding photographer- which I was happy to do. We had fun doing the whole wedding thing, (an open bar and dancing, what's not to enjoy?!) and then on Sunday, we made the spontaneous decision to drive another hour and a half and stay the night with our friend Stephen in New Jersey! He basically lives right across from Manhattan, so we were able to visit him, pop over to NYC AND watch the GOT premiere before heading back Monday morning.

A weekend well spent. 

These photos make Allentown, PA seem a touch quainter than it was... but we still had a great time! 

I've been to NYC twice now, and both occasions I had limited time... but I've enjoyed it. This was the first time I saw the Statue of Liberty, and the Ground Zero/World Trade Center area was open, so it was nice to visit and see the reflecting pools. Next time I pop in to visit my friend Stephen I'll make sure and schedule more time for exploring. 




No one really tells you
That mainly it's important for a person
To be there. 
Soulmates and connections are dreamy
But for all the heartbeat skips and giddy feelings
Someone who is on the sofa
Next to you
That's important
-Em Ogden, June 26, 2017

We've all met a person(or persons)that makes our stomachs do weird flippy-floppy things. Has us blinking in amazement and gushing to our best friends... "We have so much in common! Its scary, weird, uncanny!" The kind of person and connection that makes you fall quick and hard and see cartoon hearts and want to just hold hands and jump on a plane to Paris with a virtual stranger. Its like falling headfirst into adventure and possibilities, you feel like singing and dancing and making so many exceptions.

Red flags turn a muted rose color because you're up to the challenge for something so real. So intense... 

...But he's a traveling musician who is used to a lot of attention and girls fawning over him... and you aren't that sort of girl...

Or he's going through a life crisis and says "you're wonderful" but pulls the rug out from under you, causing that falling in like feeling to be more like rolling down a set of stairs onto a pile of rocks. 

The main thing? Though there were connections, they weren't ever really... there. They were existing in a dreamy, pastel colored other-world that played love songs by Angus and Julia Stone and where you could stay up 'til 2am every night giggling into a phone. 

The real world, real people... maybe they aren't as "dreamy". But maybe its nice to not always feel nauseous. (lets face it, that's what those damn butterflies do anyhow.) While the allure of someone who is a free-spirit, an artist, who is super passionate and sensitive is addictive...

...someone who will hug you on a Monday, or hold your hand on the sofa, or take you for coffee and shopping for records on the weekend... that's special.

Relationships and communication are hard enough without your body and mind feeling like they're reeling. All. The. Time. Maybe the sound of a steady beating heart beneath your head is the real lovely thing... because its there. And you're there. And you can't hug someone who is miles away emotionally and physically... you can't hold the hand of someone that is so caught up in personal drama that they have no free hand to offer.

You are worth someone having two hands free to offer, a beating heart to rest your head upon. You should be taken out for coffee and made to laugh while being able to see the light dance in their eyes. You deserve someone being present. Someone being there. 





The older I grow, the more I have an appreciation for routines. Whether its making or getting a coffee in the morning, getting up at a similar time each day etc...

With a growing pup at home, and the hot summer months upon us, I've decided to mix up our routine a bit...four days a week (the days I work) getting up first thing and running out to get my coffee in a pair of cut-offs and sunnies, then popping home to give the pup some attention and a quick walk before the heat of the day is at its most intense. Then getting dressed and ready for work while the pup chews a toy or terrorizes her pillow in my room. 


The other three days are a little more flexible, I may find myself sleeping a touch later, or we may go for a longer walk, she may even ride with me to get coffee... or I may go to breakfast, or spend the morning with someone and give the pup some focused attention a little later. 

Either way, I'm a fan of routine, but I'm also a fan of being flexible and enjoying life. 



My Life is Apparently Made Up of Weekends

The weeks seem to be flying by... maybe because of the summer weather, or work being busy, or the fact that I'm making plans and having some fun... either or, I think I'm okay with it. In just a couple weeks my other sister will be home for her summer visit! Super excited about that. We're going to a wedding in PA, we'll get to see fireworks, show her and her husband a fun time in Cbus when they're in town... it'll be great.

The weekend was full- cocktails and dancing and a girl's wine night at my place... breakfast and vinyl shopping with someone nice. Sunday at my parent's house where I tried to go swimming but as soon as we had on our suits it got cloudy and windy. But guess what?! I still got a sunburn! Naturally. 

The sister and I topped off our Sunday evening by trying out some of the new Jeni's flavors... Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk and Cream Puff for me! (thumbs up!!!)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


Weekending: Welcomed Distractions

Raise your hand if you ever go through phases where you welcome distractions in your life. That has definitely been me as of late... and I'm just trying to embrace it. Sometimes it feels like there are a lot of just heavy, important decisions to be made and thought through, and that can be exhausting. So I'm trying to be better at taking life lightly, enjoying myself, and not being so serious and grown-up all the time. (I'm attempting to be 22 at 32, in other words. Haha.)

The past weekend was quite lovely... good weather, my best friend was in town, browsed the Victorian Village garage sales and found a pretty little silver tray for my bar area at home... met with a friend for coffee and started planning the first upcoming lady gathering that I'll be hosting at my home!


So the past weekend was an extra long, holiday weekend. The entire time everyone kept asking me if I had "big plans" to which my answer was... nope. But that doesn't mean I sat around bored. 

Friday morning I tried a little coffee place close to my house (Babas) and ran errands and stayed up far too late, which made Saturday a sleepy day. Over the course of the weekend I went to half-priced books (and bought too many books) enjoyed a pretty morning in German Village, did a tiny DIY for my bedroom, had brunch with my sister, took naps, drank coffee and wine and Gin and Tonics, listened to music, sat on the porch, and splurged on a little fire-pit and chairs for our back yard. 

I think its officially summer everyone... and that makes me happy.

Summer Bucket List

I'm a huge list maker. I'm probably a list nerd. I enjoy writing to-do lists, grocery lists, activity lists, random lists... you get the idea. 

Years ago I used to do a birthday list before each birthday... but then I got super self-aware and realized I was doing it more for attention than for the actual list-making and accomplishing. So I stopped.

But guess what? I still like making lists! Whoa. Crazy, yeah?

Today I was inspired by Joy the Baker and her Summer Bucket List and decided to make one of my own. 

Its been a pretty heavy year so far for me emotionally and just life-wise... so right now, I'm daydreaming about summer, light things, and just focusing on fun things and being HAPPY. 

Here are a few things I jotted down today:

Blog twice a week. Yup. Write, photograph, put it up on this blog. Its a goal. And I'm going to make it fun. 

Outdoor movie. Columbus has an outdoor movie series over the summer, I plan to attend at least two of them! (Bridesmaids and Hocus Pocus!) 

Record shopping. I need to find some new albums for myself and for gifts and with the right person, this would be a fun day

Vintage bar shopping. To clarify, shopping for vintage items to add to my bar collections. I love vintage glassware and would like a few pretty pieces to add to my drink area.

Bike ride by the river.

Plan an international trip, start saving for the ticket. I am itching to leave the country. I'm thinking somewhere in Europe or maybe South America. We shall see. 

Shakespeare in the park with a picnic and booze. Um, self-explanatory. My sister and I went to a few of the plays last year, but we were always under-prepared food and beverage-wise. This year I want to do at least one in a fancy, prepared way!

Girl gather, wine night/dinner party. I'm starting to plan a get-together of creative and wonderful ladies, my goal is to have a least one of these nights over the course of the summer.

Tune my piano and learn some new songs. 

Read 5 books. They can be novels, non-fiction, audio books... doesn't matter. I'm going to read at least 5 this summer.

Go swimming. Whether this means sneaking into a condo pool... or just driving to my parents to use theirs... I want to go swimming this summer!


What's on your list?

Weekending and a bit of the actual week...

Hello all,

Sorry for the absence... its been a busy week/weekend. Puppies and going out and trying to plan things... I have some happy plans in the beginnings and the holiday weekend coming up is making me restless...

The weekend was full of too many emotions, lots of drinks, watching the Handmaid's Tale, chasing our puppy around and trying to catch up on sleep after staying out way too late every night. 

Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully I'll be back with more inspiring posts soon!




This weekend went by in a blur. Between having a new pup, working Friday and celebrating Mother's Day/my Dad's birthday, it barely feels like it happened!

Late nights, early mornings (not all pup related!) have made me super sleepy and in need of the quad shot iced coffee I'm drinking this morning. But it was a gorgeous weekend, our puppers is doing great- she already is understanding "sit" and has been able to be loose in the yard to play without her lead. 

I made a pretty little brunch Sunday morning for my parents and we were able to visit and introduce them to their new grand-pup, and we honestly had the most gorgeous weather... and I made some yummy G&Ts Friday night for when my sister and I caught up on The Handmaid's Tale. (totally addicted to the show- I hate waiting week to week for a new episode! Its 2017 Hulu... seriously!) 


Also... is there anything cuter than a sleeping puppy and the positions they fall dead asleep in?! I think not... 


This weekend I tried to soak up the sun, despite the chilly weather, saw a rainbow, drank coffee and read a lot. I also tried to pretend I'm not a plant murderer by purchasing some new plants and repotting some current ones that haven't died just yet. (fingers crossed they'll live after the woman-handling I gave them yesterday!) 

Here are a few things I'm loving from the weekend...


Sunday morning I sat at Mission Coffee Co., had a vanilla latte and started reading Stephen King's, On Writing. Then I proceeded to keep reading it all day. I'm way too much of a chicken to read his novels (I skimmed Carrie, and saw IT, both scarred me.) but this is the sort of book I enjoy. 

"If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There's no way around these two things that I'm aware of, no shortcut." -Stephen King

The TED Talk, by Emily Wapnick...

"Where did you learn to assign the meaning of "wrong" or "abnormal" to doing many things? I'll tell you where you learnt it, you learnt it from the culture."

I struggle with the idea that I have yet to settle on a "thing" that I specialize in, especially when it comes to my career. Am I an interior designer? Photographer? Writer? Visual display artist? Stylist? Musician? Traveler? Yes. Yes I am. I hate the pressure I feel to be one thing- I've always hated labels in general... its reassuring to realize there are many others out there who relate. Emilie's book is definitely going on my to-read list. (and not just because we share a name!)

This week I spotted a beautiful little upright piano on Craigslist- and while it wasn't necessarily in my budget for this pay-period, when I went to look at it and try it out, I ended up purchasing it. I'm so incredibly excited- I have never owned anything other than an electronic keyboard/workstation (I move a lot... pianos are heavy!) and I haven't truly played in over a year... currently making a list of songs to learn, and listening to this beautiful playlist. 

Friday I volunteered at The Decorator's Showhouse- its the first year being held at The Columbus Museum of Art, the first time a Decorator's Showhouse has been held AT a museum. I think its a fun idea- it definitely presented the designers with a different, less traditional challenge- but one I appreciated as I've worked as a visual display artist and am familiar with creating vignettes and moments in less traditional spaces. Plus I think it probably is drawing different types of visitors!

Friday was Cinco De Mayo... I can't really say we partied hard... but we did have one margarita at the recently opened Cosecha- the weather was super crummy, but the marg was delicious and I can't wait to go back and enjoy the patio on a sunny evening! 

Saturday evening my sister and I headed to German Village to walk around a bit and have some pizza... then we caught a rainbow on the drive home.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend... and here's to a happy Monday!





All night
the dark buds of dreams

In the center
of every petal
is a letter,
and you imagine

if you could only remember
and string them all together
they would spell the answer.
It is a long night,

and not an easy one—-
you have so many branches,
and there are diversions—-
birds that come and go,

the black fox that lies down
to sleep beneath you,
the moon staring
with her bone-white eye.

Finally you have spent
all the energy you can
and you drag from the ground
the muddy skirt of your roots

and leap awake
with two or three syllables
like water in your mouth
and a sense

of loss—-a memory
not yet of a word,
certainly not yet the answer—-
only how it feels

when deep in the tree
all the locks click open,
and the fire surges through the wood,
and the blossoms blossom.


--Mary Oliver

On Loss

How do I keep on like this? As soon as I have stumbled upon another kindred soul, a person, a friend who gets me and is not already in a serious relationship or married...

She is lost.

And I am always happy for her. She falls in love- how can I not be over-the-moon delighted that a friend has found something she has wanted?

But, yet again, there is loss.

I have lost someone. 


They are no longer my person.

For I have no person.

(this is made abundantly clearer each time this occurs.)

How do I continually gather happiness for friends, while fighting this ache in my spirit? This question that arises like bile in my throat...

"Will I ever have a person?"


Or will I forever be on the sidelines, watching others pair with one another. They'll keep me in their lives, we'll remain friends, maybe even good ones, but they are lost to me.

They have a person. 

And I do not.

Writing Snippets

Snippets taken from my notes app, journal or writing notebook, words that have inspired, intrigued, confused, challenged, touched or even wounded... some written and composed by me- some quotes or blurbs from other writers.

"I love the silent hour of night
For blissful dreams may then arise
Revealing to my charmed sight
What may not bless my waking eyes"
-A. Brontë

"Sometimes, it doesn't matter how much you want something..."

"I never fully believed in the unexpected- that's the thing. You can't expect it..."


One of the things I appreciate about my current employment is that I work Mon-Thurs. Meaning I get a three day weekend every week. Having Fridays off is extremely wonderful. 

Saturday morning  I woke up to POURING rain and skies that were dark as could be. The rain paused just enough for me to pop out to Flowers & Bread Co. over on High Street and grab a coffee... and maybe a mini chocolate bundt cake. You'll never know for sure because I didn't take a photo for evidence!

This week my sister and I received the "okay" to get a dog/puppy from our landord! We went and played with a feisty little corgi lady on Saturday- whom we LOVED but cost as much as a used car. (cue sad music and abandonment trauma) So we're on the hunt- and even though we're super drawn to Corgi pups, we'll see who we end up falling in love with. 

Later on Saturday I made the drive to see a dear friend who lives in Dayton and spent the night and Sunday morning catching up with her. Also, drinking multiple cups of coffee. Because, duh.

I finally caved and made my first Jeni's run of the season! I'd been wanting to try Supermoon and the Genmaicha & Marshmallows.... um, they were delightful, and a lovely pairing. Next time I want to try the Mango Buttermilk Sorbet. Happy Monday folks- I hope you all had lovely weekends!