Can You Paint with All the Colors...

New England has to be one of the most stunning areas to witness the Autumn season. I spent the whole of last weekend in Connecticut and Massachusetts, with a brief stint in New Hampshire. Connecticut was the most stunning, already well on its way to being fully dressed for fall. 

I am obsessed with autumn. I understand that everyone is- and why shouldn't we be? The way that completely unassuming green tree in your neighborhood can go, practically overnight, to being a fiery mass of sunshine and flame. The trees do what we all long to do in our lives. Stand out.

In a sea of greens and yellow, natural shades of earth and land, suddenly, a pop here, and a snap there, and you take notice of them! You can't (at least, I can't) drive my mundane trip to work without marveling at the colors. Or take a walk without favoriting a particular tree on the block. 

Maybe its sappy- but these trees? They speak to my soul. Of a completely typical creation, unnoticed in the day-to-day, suddenly taking a front row seat and being noticed. Throwing off the restraints of what makes her appear like all the other trees. Leaves and green and bark and branches, and suddenly blooming in reds and plums with a streak and speckle of orange. Not one leaf the same. And one can't help but notice her.

Its been on my mind a lot lately. Being noticed. Singling someone out. Like, honestly, how does that work? There are so many beautiful people in the world. So many. How do two people decide they are both attracted to each other, choose each other, and promise to be there for the other, for always?

What makes one person stand out from another? Causes that other person stop, take pause, and decide to pursue something more? We don't generally have the tree's option of changing our colors so drastically. 

It feels very overwhelming when I take the time to think about it. But the desire, the longing, to be seen, in a forest of other trees is there.

I think I envy the maple tree and her glowing foliage.