So Ready for THIS

People always talk about seasons. 

"It's just a season." "You're in a season." "All of us go through seasons..." 

To that, I say.... "shaddup." (Including myself- I'm just as guilty of throwing those phrases around.) Seasons generally last like, three to four months, tops. (A long summer, etc that lingers into the early weeks of October.) My experience in "life seasons" are that they last a lot longer than that. 

I've been in a season, if you please, for ages. We won't get into the exact dates. It started with a few things, and just went downhill into full-on-winter. (apologies if you're a winter person. I am not, winter is the season I dread every year. Please replace with your least favorite.) I came to this point where I didn't even care about the things that always inspired me. Things like photography and reading and MUSIC.

I was listening to music all over the place.

Trying to find new bands and artists, to settle on a new or familiar genre, to be inspired or to finally click with something. "Worship" music has always been something I connect to- I was listening to it by the bucket... but there was nothing there. Throwbacks I had known and loved did nothing for me. The alternative folky-rock wave left me feeling "meh". I just couldn't. I wasn't. 

When you are trying so hard to be inspired, to be the person you thought you were, the person you want to be, and its just not happening... what do you do?

There were one or two songs that stuck. One artist in particular that I had on repeat, and for that I am grateful. 

All this to say, last night, as I was on one of my epic walks (there's really nothing epic about them- I just love them.) I was grooving to some new tunes and, dare I say it, feeling happy. Thinking about all the new music I've been crushing on lately, the new artists I've discovered, the walks I've taken with these talented people (figuratively) and I had the thought... maybe my season is coming to a close.

And today... well, today I received some (as of yet) unofficial news and... well, lets just say some changes are coming and I'll keep ya posted.

Lord knows, I'm ready for a new season. Heck, let's just embark on a new, insane adventure. Seems about time. 

Oh, and if you were wondering about some of these music crushes... here are two I'm stuck on:

Oh Wonder