Beware the Backseat.

There's nothing quite like the first little flutters of a crush. Of admiring someone and feeling a rush of attraction. The stark fascination with all that they do or say, the music they listen to, what their favorite coffee is... The way they stretch or the small physical quirks that endear them to you. 

In that same vein- there's nothing quite like being disappointed by someone you felt that pull of attraction for. The impression of having been cheated, conned into thinking those quirks were sweet, when, in retrospect, they were more like small red colored flags. The deflated shape the heart takes in knowing it should have been on its guard, but let itself be hopeful, so it ends up sad and a bit bruised. 


You thought....

"I really connected with this person." And it truly seemed as though you did. Commonalities, similarities, humor... A heart that feels the tug of a kindred spirit. Then just as you are feeling like you could really want to get know this person, they just... stop. 


Nice guys. That's who you always fall for- but somehow they always end up being not near as nice as they advertised. 

Just a few thoughts that ran through my mind as I rode home from work today with my coworkers. Apparently I'm even more melancholy when riding in the back seat.


My final thought on the ride was that... I don't know how to not be disappointed.