OOTD, Friday the 13th

Weekend living, huh? Time to actually curl the hair, wear heels, prance around outside and take photos of yourself...

Guys, it was COLD out there! And the wind was blowing. Plus, I can't believe I used to curl my hair on a regular basis- took forever. Although I did seriously get compliments pretty much every store I stopped at while running errands... I think the guy at H&M was even flirting with me. He was a good 5 years younger, but still. Curly hair for the confidence boost win, am I right?

Sad that even on my days off I often find myself sporting lots of black. Darn you Macys. I did go out in hopes that I would find something new to wear to the Ben Folds show I'm going to tomorrow night, but I only found clothes for work... more black clothes. Why do I have to be so practical and why is there never anything cute when you are wanting to purchase something? Oh well. I'm currently in my awful man sweat-pants and a hoodie, with fuzzy socks planning on hibernating for the rest of my Friday night. Just living the G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S life.