Staying In is the New Going Out

While I decided to sacrifice some living space by moving into a studio apartment... I gained a much larger kitchen than in my last space. Close to two-thirds larger! This makes me incredibly happy as I've always enjoyed cooking and baking, even more so nowadays as I try and make an effort to eat healthier and spend less money on takeout. 

Since settling in, I've already made biscuits from scratch (! I've always used a mix or store bought dough previously haha) Scones, lots of coffee, and on Saturday, I roasted sweet potatoes, baby red potatoes, onions and carrots. 

Tonight I fried a couple eggs and threw them on top of my yummy roasted veggies and... yeah. Lemme tell ya- delicious. And I have the ingredients and plans to make Chicken Parm sandwiches this week. 

If anyone ever wants to come over for supper- let me know! Otherwise I'll just keep feeding my sister and myself!