Hello New City

As of tonight, I've officially slept in my new apartment, in my new city, for one week. One crazy week that was a blur of moving and packing and unpacking and loaded vehicles and cleaning and an insane work schedule, all while trying to function as an adult, set up utilities and internet and feed myself. (harder than it sounds!)

Amazingly, I feel as though I sort of thrive in the midst of this sort of crazy. Not to say that I want to function at this level on a constant basis... but it sort of works for me. 

One of my lovely friends drove up to spend the late afternoon and evening here with me- and as we walked the brick streets of my neighborhood to the wonderful bookstore I live within walking distance of, I exclaimed to her that I sort of maybe feel as though I'm living in a Meg Ryan movie at the moment. (minus a leading man- which, honestly, I don't have time for anyway.)

She got it. She gets me. 

So does my sister, with whom I just cuddled with on my sofa while watching Twilight Bad Lip Synching videos on Youtube after multiple episodes of Scandal.

I shared via Instagram yesterday that find myself feeling rather happy lately. Not in a "my life is perfect, I have it together and am who I ultimately who I want to be" way... but in a simple, "I'm content right now" way. 

The knowledge that there will be nights where I will undoubtably cry myself to sleep in the future, hard days, confusion as to why my life is maybe going a certain way (or not going a certain way) are sure to come. 

...and just in case you were wondering, my days consist of way more than pretty walks to get coffee while dressed cute. Usually I have dirty hair and am wearing my ugly AF man-sweatpants. My work is physically strenuous, I wear all black and am always covered in dirt/dust. I generally eat sitting on my bed or in front of Netflix. Currently I am sitting and blogging while ignoring the chaotic mess around me that is my mid-move apartment. Boxes, trash and furniture are everywhere. I am avoiding taking my make-up off and brushing my teeth and am listening to semi-depressing music. I have no social life in Columbus, I need to maybe find a church but am bit skittish about the process and I often mask my loneliness with jokes and self-deprecating humor.

But you know what? Its nice to be happy. Its nice to be content. Even if its just for a bit.