Hello. Welcome.

My name is Emily and I've been blogging since I was an angsty teen on Xanga. (yeah, remember that? Raise your hand and push your 17 year old, dyed black angled bangs out of your face.) Since then, I've used blogger, wordpress, owned my own domains, tried portfolio websites... I've done it all. Through it all, I've always remained an avid lover and reader of blogs. Recently (read, the past year) I unintentionally took a break from blogging. I think it was much needed. 

Every now and again the itch to write or post photos would hit, I'd toy around with revamping my old blog or starting a new one... and it would all feel so overwhelming that I would just quit.

Well, I've finally taken the leap and am stepping back into the arena of blogging.

Everything you read about a successful blog stresses the need to have a purpose and direction... that's honestly never been me. I've never scheduled posts on a regular basis, or had faithful reoccurring posts. 

I HAVE always tried to be honest, to use my words and photography to share my heart. So my hope is to continue on in that vein. To write about being a single woman in the midwest. Maybe some of the craziness of being a visual lead full-time. Photos of beautiful places, people and things... a little bit of creativity and design, maybe some music.