All the Things, September 27

Where I link/recommend/talk about things I'm liking...

This article and interview. The Refined Woman is a blog I absolutely adore, and I love how they are talking about doubts and being sexy and a woman and not pretending like sexuality and desire don't exist if you're single.

The Darling Mag blog. Loved this post on birthdays...!

This Coconut Milk Mango candle from Anthro

The Skimm. My best friend passed it on to me... a great way to get a dose of current events first thing in the morning 

This band and video, found via Darling Mag

Ryan Adams covered Taylor Swift's 1989 for those of you who live under a rock. I heart it. 

THIS podcast is maybe what gets me out of bed on Monday mornings. The Gilmore Guys are hysterical, entertaining and are going through every episode of Gilmore Girls. Thumbs waaaaay up. 

I also just started watching Homeland and am addicted. I am into PSLs, but with no whip and only one pump of syrup no matter the size. 

Any current favorite recs out there?