The Overwhelm

For the past year or so whenever I would think about photography, or blogging... I would have this overwhelming sense of inadequacy. Of not mattering. Literally EVERY person out there claims to be at least an amateur photographer these days. Bloggers, mommies, individuals, Instagrammers- everyone owns a DSLR or an iphone and professes a love for photography. Its hard when the thing you love, that you've loved since before you even had a name for it, has over saturated the world. 

In some ways, it makes it fun- you can geek out with others, go on photo adventures and talk shop... but it can also make what you do under appreciated. People have a hard time seeing the value when their cousin/uncle/sister's friend of a friend can take the photos they want for 1/3 of what you would charge. 

The art left the building. And so I put my camera down.

But I'm happy to say that I'm picking it up again. And I know what I've always known- that anyone can click a shutter button, but most people don't have a natural eye for composition, color and emotion. I am good at what I do and I'm going to keep doing it. Not because I'm getting paid, or because I'm the most popular hipster photographer out there...

I will still (God-willing) be doing photography when I'm old and gray.