An Achey, Thumpy Heart

It would almost, sometimes, be better not to connect with people over the things I really care about.

Because in the end it generally ruins them.

Like maybe we could just be happy discovering we like music. Lets not be specific about bands. Because if I find out you love a band I love, and we bond over it... then that band eventually is ruined for me. I mean, seriously. So many bands have been tainted.

And then having to avoid places you loved because you might run into someone there? How ridiculous is that. If only you had just bumped into each other at Taco Bell or something. A place you definitely don't frequent. 

I suppose its unavoidable though. As humans we crave and even have been know to create connection... the tiniest things can trigger happy or sad memories.

The peach tinged streetlights that light a dark walk. A band that you listened to outdoors and danced and sang along to... a cup of coffee at a specific cafe. A story that someone else is telling that twinges of a past conversation.

I guess its beautiful and wonderful if that person continues on in life with you- if your story flows together and friendship and relationship develops from the connections. 


What hurts is when those ties are loosed... and different paths are walked, and all you have are the achey feelings that thump in your chest when that spark meets a brick wall.