Hello New Year.

Blogging customs for the new year always seem to include lists.

Lists of favorite albums and songs and movies and books etc from the previous year.

I don't know that I have enough to do a major list for multiple categories, but I'll try to list a few things that I truly enjoyed this past year... or just in general.


NOTE: These aren't all 2015 things... just things I enjoyed this year.



(note, these aren't all 2015 albums. Just ones I listened to a LOT this year.)


Damien Rice-

My Favorite Faded Fantasy


The Staves-

If I Was


Oh Wonder-

Oh Wonder


Joy Williams-

Until the Levee


Mat Kearney-

Just Kids





The Head and the Heart-

Lets Be Still


About Time

Please, PLEASE PLEASE! If you haven't watched this- go out immediately and buy it/rent it/stream it/steal it/borrow it from me. I give it to all my friends when I find out they haven't seen it. Its sweet and sad and romantic and about love and family and time travel and father's and sons and quirky and British and that sounds weird but its super sweet and not overly sappy. Its one of my top five movies EVER. Yes. It is. 




Saw this one at the Neon with some of my friends and enjoyed it... maybe because I fall in between the two age groups represented (although I feel like I relate better to Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts' characters) and recently found myself telling  my mom about it and discussing how we think Ben Stiller definitely gets more attractive the older he gets. Haha.


You've Got Mail

Yes- its an oldie. But at every changing season, especially Autumn and around Christmas, I feel the urge to revisit Kathleen Kelly and Joe Fox. (F-O-X) Bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils, the fantasy that is Meg Ryan owning a bookstore in NYC while living in an adorable/spacious city apartment at... what? 30? Haha. The fantasy. I want to be her.


I recently saw Mockingjay Part II, it was better than the first part, but, as someone who read the books ages ago and was really excited to see the movies, I was disappointed with the series as a whole, losing interest and only really seeing the last two out of a sort of obligation I placed upon myself. 

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It was fun, if not a total copy of the original story lines? (with female and POC leads) I wasn't expecting Adam Driver to show up... honestly, I can only picture him as the character he plays on While We're Young and GIRLS. (A sort of obnoxious hipster) so that was weird. Oh, and everyone likes Star Wars people. You're not a geek or weird, or quirky or whatever if you enjoy Star Wars. Just felt the need to say it.

I really can't think of any other new movies I've watched in theaters this year... I'm sure there are more, but oh well. 







Jesus Feminist

-Sarah Bessey 


If You Find This Letter

-Hannah Brencher


Packing Light

-Allison Vesterfelt


Why Not Me?

-Mindy Kaling


Yes Please

-Amy Poehler


Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone: Illustrated edition

-JK Rowling


Lots of lady author books! Yay.