The Best Of

2016 has been a year. I know politically its been crazy- and a lot of talented and beautiful people have passed away... but personally, I'm pretty satisfied with my year. My sister got married, my other sister and I found a lovely little home together. I found a great job in my career field. There was a lot of traveling, family and friends. Dates and wine nights, good food and getting to know Columbus a little better. There have been moments where I've cried, was frustrated with where I'm at with my career, relationships and life in general, but, overall, 2016 you were pretty damn alright with me. 

The best way I know to sum up the year is obviously with photos... enjoy...

We kicked off the year celebrating our birthdays. A golden birthday for Olivia, and just another birthday in my 30s for me.

But there was free champagne and a party at Anthropologie! 

A quick jaunt out to San Fran with my bestie in April...with a visit to Muir Woods and delicious food and some Philz Coffee!

A jaunt to Florida to visit my brother and his family... and enjoy the beach over Memorial day weekend...

There were several trips to North Carolina to visit my bestie and her family and soak up some mountain air...

In July, we took a quick little trip (haha) to South Africa for my sister's wedding. No big deal. (except, huge deal!) I was super stoked to also be the photographer for their wedding...

Lots of great summer days around Columbus, and in the early fall, my sister and I found  great little place to call home together!

My sweet little German Village studio was featured on Apartment Therapy, and played host to a lot of little get togethers and happy moments. 

In the autumn my beautiful friend Shannon got married. We found a gorgeous field of sunflowers for some pre-wedding photos- and then I was extremely happy to travel to Michigan to photograph their special day. 

I also traveled with a good friend to New England and help photograph a wedding and soak in some New England autumn and time with her family.


And of course- autumn is my favorite, so there were plenty of moments just spend enjoying it.

I hosted Thanksgiving for my sister and my parent's- everything came out great!

A couple weeks later my sister and I got our first Christmas tree at our new place.

So, 2016, farewell. I'm always excited to see what the new year will bring... I'm sure I'll keep you all posted. Lots of love,