All the Things


Orphan Black (preparing to catch up with season 3... currently awaiting pickup at the library... I've watched seasons 1 & 2, so I'm refreshing my memory)

Mozart in the Jungle OMG. So good. I flew through both seasons on Amazon prime. Waiting eagerly for season 3!! I laughed, I cried, I wished I had been in band/orchestra in high school. 

Mr. Selfridge Since I sort of live the department store life this show makes sense. I was especially hooked while Agnes and Henri, the visual display creators, were a main focus... but its good. Historic retail drama. 




CYG podcast (always, always, always)

Without Words Synesthesia 




All the soup

La Croix (especially the Mango and citrus flavors. Fancy water, fancy bubbles)



Loving my Madewell buffalo plaid flannel button-up. Yeah, like I needed ANOTHER one, right? But this one is forest GREEN and black! (and mine has pockets!?) Get a similar one in classic red here... bonus its on sale!! 

Loved the birthday celebration Anthropologie threw for February birthdays at their Short North store! Had a sweet evening with my sister, some sparkling wine and a macaron. Also, I might have bought a dress? I'm saying it was for my sister's wedding, so... that makes it cool... yeah?