There's Not Much Like Sunshine in February

The weather this past weekend was beautiful. On Saturday it was nearly 70 degrees! In February. like to think it was an apology for the snow that occurred ON my birthday. 

Its amazing what some sunshine and a warm breeze can do for my heart. The windows were open and my mood was happy. (I seriously am feeling that I may truly need to move to a warmer climate.)

My birthday weekend was about as lovely as possible. I drove out to a winery in Indiana on Saturday with some of my very favorite ladies. On Sunday morning I had a breakfast with my best friend who just happened to be in town from North Carolina, then I celebrated with my family. I was even able to FaceTime with my sister in The Middle East.

Currently I'm counting down the days 'til spring is truly here. The first weekend in March when a good friend is coming to Columbus for the weekend. Until April when I fly out to San Fran for a weekend... its good to have things to look forward to. 


Sorry these are all just reposts from my Instagram feed- I have so many plans for pretty photos and now that the days are growing longer and the sun is shining more often my fingers are itching for the camera... soon!