On one hand, its fun to think I've hit some sort of adult groove.

I've hit a stride with packing lunches for work. Less eating out means I’m making healthier choices and saving the $monies. I’ve turned into someone who hates having dirty dishes in the kitchen. I clean the hair out of my sink. Try and pick out my work clothes the night before. Make coffee to-go in the morning. I’m trying to instill a basic stretching routine, occasionally throwing in some crunches and weights. I am starting to make better choices financially and don’t spend my money willy-nilly on things just because they’re on sale or a good deal. (one of the main reasons I stopped thrifting!) 


On the other hand…

I still sleep 'til the absolute last minute I’m able. I ate total junk for dinner and then had part of a bag of crispy M&Ms (because, HELLO AMERICA they’re the best. Thanks for finally getting them back. Australia had them the whole time I was there.) I watch too many TV shows and am not productive enough. I avoid taking my trash down to the alley and don’t actually deep clean my bathroom often enough.


And I think that’s it. Adulthood in a constant dichotomy. Its up this way, down that way. Its awesome and its hard. It goes smooth and then you crash and burn. You know everything and nothing at once. I’m constantly persuaded that most of us feel like ten year olds who are faking something they saw on TV once. 


Its the joy of knowing that you can call off work if you want to and lay in bed all day watching Veronica Mars for the 8th time. But its also knowing if you do, you won’t have enough PTO for your sister’s wedding in the summer. 


Its the ability to buy Chick-Fil-A in the mall food court on lunch break, but packing the hummus and pita chips instead. 


The opportunity to agree with the nasty comment someone makes but trying to see the other person’s perspective. 


Feeling lonely most days but then surrounded by your people the next and feeling over the moon blessed.


Having to deal with frustrating situations and phone calls, figuring out things on your own and feeling overwhelmed, but knowing that when you finally resolve an issue, YOU made it happen! (get on with your bad self!) 


Welcome to adulthood. The adventure never ends.