Movie Moments

 I am, by trade, by breathe and life, a creator of atmospheres. Music and color, words, design... setting a scene. Its what I do. (Truly. My full time job consists of creating displays for a department store.) In that same vein, I have this innate ability to build the perfect moments in my mind. Tiny little movie reels. Music: the set or scene. The moment. The thoughts running through our protagonist's head. The instant when she, after putting up with far too much from the man who did not seem to deserve her, lifts her eyes and sees him across the street. The song swells and there seems to be some right in the world as the screen fades to black. 


Its good to know that I have these little clips to flit to on occasion, because Lord knows, my life is nothing like the movies. Actual life is the perfect song switching on my playlist as I walk back to my apartment, alone, to eat kettle corn, watch another episode of Gilmore Girls (for the 600th time) and crawl into bed extra early, because I have nothing else to do. (this is a perfectly hypothetical description of events, its absolutely not how I spend my evenings....)


If you want to hear what the perfect song was tonight... take a listen: