The Wedding, PT 1

Dear Val,

You didn't have any speeches at your wedding... (except for the sweet, impromptu one Leroy gave at dinner.) No-one had to wear uncomfortable or unflattering, expensive bridesmaid dresses or play weird games at eight awkward wedding showers. In forgoing what most people would call tradition, you had the most beautiful and intimate wedding, an occasion where those who were able to attend were actually able to see you, and speak with you. To dance with you on the dance floor and meet your family and enjoy one another. There were no awkward table assignments and dreaded bouquet tosses. Just friends and family laughing and talking, eating and drinking the night away, full of happiness and joy at the happiness and joy you and Leroy possessed for each other. I have photographed a lot of couples, a lot of weddings. Many for people I knew and loved. But I believe I have never seen such a giddy and excited groom as Leroy. He literally could not look at you without smiling or laughing- much of which I believe he just could not help. And knowing you, dear sister, I know that you love this man. That he is truly your best friend. He makes you laugh and challenges you and is equally as stubborn in his convictions. That you have no silly fantasies about marriage being a dream or fairytale, but even with that knowledge you are ready to dive, heart first, into this wonderful new adventure. 

Thank you, both of you, for allowing me to be part of your day. Also, for being super awesome and getting married in South Africa. Because that was pretty cool.

Val and Leroy held their wedding at Bramon Wine Estates in South Africa- a gorgeous location and venue, and they had the most gorgeous weather for their wedding day. We couldn't have been more pleased.