A Trip of a Lifetime

I was never one to dream about traveling to Africa. It was one of those destinations that I would never pass up, but it wasn't on my "must see next" list. 

Silly me. 

South Africa was a dream. I understand that it is a giant continent, and I only saw a sliver, one that is extremely different than most of Africa, but I am so thankful for the bit I was able to experience. 

Strangely enough, I've now been to all the continents except Antartica. (which, lets be real, this lady who dislikes winter doesn't really mind.) Who would have thought?! Cool small talk, ice breaker fact for meeeee! Also, I drove my family around the entire time in SA. So cross international driving on the other side of the road and car off my bucket list.

Oh, yeah. And my bestie/sister got married. 

Like I said, trip of a lifetime.