Prone to Forget

Photo Nov 12, 10 03 40 AM.jpg

It seems as though I am always prone to forget.

I arrive at the grocery only to have forgotten my list.

Where did I last leave my sunnies?

Did I leave a load of laundry in the washer?

That I live nearby an outdoor space that feels like an escape from the city.

Not all people have a selfish agenda.

When I meal prep, it makes things easier.

No matter how much life experience I have, no matter the moments of clarity and success, when that light bulb goes off and I think "Next time, remember _____!" I am prone to forget.

No matter how many times I think I have it figured out... when I'm running around like a crazy person trying to remember where I last saw my purse when I should have left for work 5 minutes ago... or trying to deduce if the sweet guy I'm spending time with has ulterior motives...

Its moments like these that give me pause, a check in. I am human. And I take things for granted. I forget. Sometimes, I'm just moving at too fast a pace. Trying to hustle and be a crazy, social, independent force that, in the long run, exhausts me. Or trying to make everyone I meet fit into the box that I dread to be placed in.

Sometimes, you need a gorgeous walk, on a sunny Sunday morning with the pup, through the definition of autumn foliage, to remind yourself to stop. Remember. To see beauty, and to not try and be all things, to all people... and to give yourself, and others, grace.