Thoughts this week...

Its been a busy week- but it's been so because I've been intentional. There's a fine line between business for the sake of business, where the end result is exhaustion and stress, and a happy sort of busy, where I feel happily occupied. The winter months were tough, (they always are) and I've been trying to shake off any and all lingering gray clouds. 

We've had lovely weather this week and I've taken to spending the last bit before sunset, or just after, sitting on our porch when possible. Writing, taking a photograph or two, listening to music and breathing. Last night I sat on our front steps, thinking that the week had been pretty nice so far, and looking forward to the weekend-- and I suddenly I felt tired.

This week has been nice, its been full. But there's a week following. And a week after that... and WHY IS THERE NO END TO ANYTHING?! (sorry, a bit dramatic? Maybe! Haha.) But its like the grocery/cooking cycle. You do GREAT one week, shopping and packing lunches and having things on hand for supper and healthy snacks... and then you just have to do it. All. Over. Again. And every week isn't going to look awesome. There are going to be weeks when fast food is in rotation, where eating a spoonful of almond butter and some pretzels constitutes dinner. The same with intentionality (which, apparently isn't a word, but I'm using it!) in my week. This week I've made it a point to work out/be active every day, be outside, meet up with friends for tacos, touch base with my sister and out of town friends, write, listen to more music, watch less Netflix...

But next week is LOOMING.

And guys? That makes me tired. Not so tired that I'm throwing in the towel- nope. I was way happier and more content this week than I've been in a while! (which is wonderful.)

I think the key may be to not get ahead of myself. To take it one day or week at a time, small snack sized bits and not overwhelming COSTCO sizes, ya know?  Also, to plan a few things to look forward to in the future. Time with friends, a class, maybe a trip (I want to trek out to San Fran again so very much!) 

So, that's been my week so far. Hope yours has been lovely.