One of the things I appreciate about my current employment is that I work Mon-Thurs. Meaning I get a three day weekend every week. Having Fridays off is extremely wonderful. 

Saturday morning  I woke up to POURING rain and skies that were dark as could be. The rain paused just enough for me to pop out to Flowers & Bread Co. over on High Street and grab a coffee... and maybe a mini chocolate bundt cake. You'll never know for sure because I didn't take a photo for evidence!

This week my sister and I received the "okay" to get a dog/puppy from our landord! We went and played with a feisty little corgi lady on Saturday- whom we LOVED but cost as much as a used car. (cue sad music and abandonment trauma) So we're on the hunt- and even though we're super drawn to Corgi pups, we'll see who we end up falling in love with. 

Later on Saturday I made the drive to see a dear friend who lives in Dayton and spent the night and Sunday morning catching up with her. Also, drinking multiple cups of coffee. Because, duh.

I finally caved and made my first Jeni's run of the season! I'd been wanting to try Supermoon and the Genmaicha & Marshmallows.... um, they were delightful, and a lovely pairing. Next time I want to try the Mango Buttermilk Sorbet. Happy Monday folks- I hope you all had lovely weekends!