Summer Bucket List

I'm a huge list maker. I'm probably a list nerd. I enjoy writing to-do lists, grocery lists, activity lists, random lists... you get the idea. 

Years ago I used to do a birthday list before each birthday... but then I got super self-aware and realized I was doing it more for attention than for the actual list-making and accomplishing. So I stopped.

But guess what? I still like making lists! Whoa. Crazy, yeah?

Today I was inspired by Joy the Baker and her Summer Bucket List and decided to make one of my own. 

Its been a pretty heavy year so far for me emotionally and just life-wise... so right now, I'm daydreaming about summer, light things, and just focusing on fun things and being HAPPY. 

Here are a few things I jotted down today:

Blog twice a week. Yup. Write, photograph, put it up on this blog. Its a goal. And I'm going to make it fun. 

Outdoor movie. Columbus has an outdoor movie series over the summer, I plan to attend at least two of them! (Bridesmaids and Hocus Pocus!) 

Record shopping. I need to find some new albums for myself and for gifts and with the right person, this would be a fun day

Vintage bar shopping. To clarify, shopping for vintage items to add to my bar collections. I love vintage glassware and would like a few pretty pieces to add to my drink area.

Bike ride by the river.

Plan an international trip, start saving for the ticket. I am itching to leave the country. I'm thinking somewhere in Europe or maybe South America. We shall see. 

Shakespeare in the park with a picnic and booze. Um, self-explanatory. My sister and I went to a few of the plays last year, but we were always under-prepared food and beverage-wise. This year I want to do at least one in a fancy, prepared way!

Girl gather, wine night/dinner party. I'm starting to plan a get-together of creative and wonderful ladies, my goal is to have a least one of these nights over the course of the summer.

Tune my piano and learn some new songs. 

Read 5 books. They can be novels, non-fiction, audio books... doesn't matter. I'm going to read at least 5 this summer.

Go swimming. Whether this means sneaking into a condo pool... or just driving to my parents to use theirs... I want to go swimming this summer!


What's on your list?