My Life is Apparently Made Up of Weekends

The weeks seem to be flying by... maybe because of the summer weather, or work being busy, or the fact that I'm making plans and having some fun... either or, I think I'm okay with it. In just a couple weeks my other sister will be home for her summer visit! Super excited about that. We're going to a wedding in PA, we'll get to see fireworks, show her and her husband a fun time in Cbus when they're in town... it'll be great.

The weekend was full- cocktails and dancing and a girl's wine night at my place... breakfast and vinyl shopping with someone nice. Sunday at my parent's house where I tried to go swimming but as soon as we had on our suits it got cloudy and windy. But guess what?! I still got a sunburn! Naturally. 

The sister and I topped off our Sunday evening by trying out some of the new Jeni's flavors... Roasted Strawberry Buttermilk and Cream Puff for me! (thumbs up!!!)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!