Welcome Home, a Little Late

When I was first moving to Columbus, people would ask me where I wanted to live. The first place I would say was German Village... followed by a little laugh, because it was silly of me to think I would be able to find/afford a place there. It felt like a long shot, but it was also my dream. The quaint brick streets, historical homes, coffee shops, restaurants, a great park, all within walking distance. A fairly safe neighborhood for a single female moving to a new city. Neighborhoods where I felt safe walking after dark.

Well, in the span of about a week, I discovered a little studio for rent above a venue on the edge. I sped up to Columbus from Dayton to see the space, and was up the next week signing my lease. 

I went from a fairly roomy, one bedroom in Dayton, Ohio, (see a little tour here, on Apartment Therapy)  to a very tight, upstairs studio in the village. But it was cute, and the kitchen was probably three times as larger. ( I love to cook, so that was a big plus!) 

I paired down on furniture and items- giving things away or lending out pieces that just would not fit. Everyone wanted to know my plans for sectioning off the living space. Would I hang curtains? Use a shelf for a wall? 

In the end, I decided to not attempt to create walls. To leave it open and airy. After all, it was just me living there! I didn't mind that my bed was in my living room and vice versa. 

I truly loved living in that small space- it was the perfect size for one or two people. It definitely made it a challenge to host, but I managed on a few occasions to have friends and family over. I also had access to a rooftop patio which was lovely in the good weather. 

This place was my safe harbor that first year in Columbus. It was a hard year- a new city and job, friends living far away, a cold winter... and this was my home. 


I hope you enjoy the tour!