Best Nine of 2017


Its always fascinating to see what posts garnered the most engagement on Instagram. I was just thinking how I can post a stunning photo, taken with a DSLR, with perfect settings, but sometimes it will only get 50-60 likes... whereas when I post a selfie, a lot of time I hit the triple digits and get a load of comments and interaction. 

I think with my feed, a lot of it has to do with the caption and writing. A lot of times selfies I post are accompanied by thoughts and words, a bit of a journal entry almost, and those seem to really strike a chord with my followers. This makes me entirely happy! As someone who uses visuals AND words to convey feelings and thoughts, it warms my heart when others connect with the things I write. 

I'm also becoming aware that photos with beautiful skies are fairly popular for me... and I ain't mad. Filing all this away for the new year and new posts... but, as always, sometimes I don't even care if a post gathers a ton of likes... if its a photo that speaks to me, or marks a moment I want to remember, I'm going to post it... but I am becoming a little more aware of cultivating my feed and putting more thought into it. I hope you all are enjoying!