Goodbye Year

Photo Dec 09, 4 39 10 PM.jpg

Anyone else getting ready to kick 2017 to the wayside and say hello to a new year? In all honesty, yes, as a whole, news-related, politics etc year, 2017 was a sh*t-storm... but, honestly, for myself, it wasn't a total flaming pile of trash. 

I will say its been a long year. A crazy year. But not an all bad year. In the last few weeks left of the year, I want to take some time and reflect, look at my goals and journal from the past year, and look forward to the year to come. 

I don't make resolutions in the technical sense... but I'm a list maker, and enjoy planning- so I'm sure I'll sit and plan out some things.

One huge thing I'm thankful for in 2017 is that I met some amazing lady friends via Instagram- and am digging having some awesome friends that I get to do big and small things with on a weekly basis. It makes life happy. 

Big THANKS to my talented friend Mikayla for these awesome photos we shot randomly after going to the Creative Babes Christmas Cheers Market on Sunday!


Weekending: Welcomed Distractions

Raise your hand if you ever go through phases where you welcome distractions in your life. That has definitely been me as of late... and I'm just trying to embrace it. Sometimes it feels like there are a lot of just heavy, important decisions to be made and thought through, and that can be exhausting. So I'm trying to be better at taking life lightly, enjoying myself, and not being so serious and grown-up all the time. (I'm attempting to be 22 at 32, in other words. Haha.)

The past weekend was quite lovely... good weather, my best friend was in town, browsed the Victorian Village garage sales and found a pretty little silver tray for my bar area at home... met with a friend for coffee and started planning the first upcoming lady gathering that I'll be hosting at my home!