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Goodbye Year

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Anyone else getting ready to kick 2017 to the wayside and say hello to a new year? In all honesty, yes, as a whole, news-related, politics etc year, 2017 was a sh*t-storm... but, honestly, for myself, it wasn't a total flaming pile of trash. 

I will say its been a long year. A crazy year. But not an all bad year. In the last few weeks left of the year, I want to take some time and reflect, look at my goals and journal from the past year, and look forward to the year to come. 

I don't make resolutions in the technical sense... but I'm a list maker, and enjoy planning- so I'm sure I'll sit and plan out some things.

One huge thing I'm thankful for in 2017 is that I met some amazing lady friends via Instagram- and am digging having some awesome friends that I get to do big and small things with on a weekly basis. It makes life happy. 

Big THANKS to my talented friend Mikayla for these awesome photos we shot randomly after going to the Creative Babes Christmas Cheers Market on Sunday!


Brew, Sip, Snack, Chat: The Table, Columbus

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Wherein I (and sometimes friends) visit local (and sometimes not) coffee shops & breakfast spots, drink copious amounts of coffee, nibble on tasty things and talk about whatever strikes our fancy. One part review, one part photos and chit-chat, many parts coffee.

The spot:

The Table

21 E 5th Ave #101, Columbus, OH 43201

Website description:

Area-sourced American fare (from charcuterie to vegan options) & cocktails served in a rustic setup.


My friend Mikayla and I decided to try out The Table on a crisp fall morning a few weeks back. (Mikayla is one of my coffee date besties.) We went in search of coffee, and, in this case, breakfast.


What we ordered:


Mikayla: The French Toast (and coffee.)


Myself: The seasonal quiche (and coffee.)


Coffee and food were served on and in charming china pieces. (Major aesthetic points from me.) The wait was a bit long for the food (were they making my quiche from scratch? There weren’t many people in the restaurant.) but we didn’t have an agenda other than food and visiting, so we didn’t mind.


The food was tasty, coffee hot, the location, adorable. I think we would both recommend. The teal painted chairs didn’t hurt either.


Overall, The Table is great for breakfast or brunch, very charming- a great spot to visit with a girlfriend or two. Quiet enough for a conversation, pretty table settings for instagram photos. More of a sit and stay for a bit spot. (Especially with the wait we had for food) Maybe not the best spot to take a first time Tinder or Bumble date. (haha!) But I'd be willing to try out their evening fare and cocktails too!


***Note: This post is not sponsored, coerced, or prompted. It is Simply an expression of love towards coffee and breakfast. Eventually, I hope to have a fun format to them, but for now, as I’m pulling from past visits, I’ll take them as they come!