A Few of My Favorite Holiday Albums

I'll go right ahead and admit that I am a SUCKER for Christmas/Holiday music. I start listening in October. Digging up my playlists, pulling out my small vinyl collection, hunting for holiday vinyl, looking up new releases.... I am not ashamed. Here are a few more modern Holiday albums I enjoy ALL the way through. (All of them are available on Spotify.) 


A Very She&Him Christmas- I have this one on white vinyl, thanks to my lovely sister Val. It is hands-down my favorite.

A Johnnyswim Christmas- fave. These two are super dynamic, and I've loved them since I saw them live YEARS ago at a conference in Atlanta. 

The Songs the Seasons Bring, Vol. 1-4, Beta Radio- Haunting, folksy, beautiful. 

Winters Call, The Sweeplings- a few of their songs were on a playlist I followed and now I'm a fan.


What are some of your favorite holiday tunes?


So the past weekend was an extra long, holiday weekend. The entire time everyone kept asking me if I had "big plans" to which my answer was... nope. But that doesn't mean I sat around bored. 

Friday morning I tried a little coffee place close to my house (Babas) and ran errands and stayed up far too late, which made Saturday a sleepy day. Over the course of the weekend I went to half-priced books (and bought too many books) enjoyed a pretty morning in German Village, did a tiny DIY for my bedroom, had brunch with my sister, took naps, drank coffee and wine and Gin and Tonics, listened to music, sat on the porch, and splurged on a little fire-pit and chairs for our back yard. 

I think its officially summer everyone... and that makes me happy.