2017 IN PHOTOS 10.17-12.17 THE END

If you've waited around and read this far... here is the wrap up to my year in photos....


OCTOBER 2017 (the best month.)


Coffee fest, pumpkins, donuts, fall fashion, IT freaking my pup out on Beggar's Night.... day drinking, outdoor movies, a failed attempt at book club, friends and food and so much coffee. October is always the best. 



Leaves, and freezing and coffee and throwing my first Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, lots of cooking, a collab with JORD Wood Watches, puppy walks, squeezing out every last bit of golden weather before real winter set in....


December was a whirlwind. Parties and friends and trips and the holidays... honestly it flew by and I was kind of thankful for the season to be over. I'm feeling a bit bittersweet as I write this in January, but looking back, December was full of fun and good times and I'm grateful for all of it! Hope you all enjoyed a little trip down memory lane with me.

'Tis the Season

Photo Dec 10, 4 27 31 PM.jpg

Raise your glass to all the festivities of the holiday season... baking cookies, craft markets, parties with friends, seasonal coffees, Christmas movies, cuddling in comfy clothes, twinkle lights, time with family... right now I'm focusing on all the good and fun stuff, and not the ever growing list that needs to be "accomplished" before Christmas Day. 



Exchanging gifts with all the special people in my life

Christmas Eve at my parent's

My work Christmas party

A cookie and cocktail party with my girlfriends

A quick road trip to NC to visit my bestie, her family, and the new baby Bolvi

Throwing a knock-off pre-New-Years-Eve party for my friends, with the main purpose of drinking fancy cocktails (or straight up champagne) and wearing my new silver romper

What are the things you're looking forward to this holiday season?