'Tis the Season

Photo Dec 10, 4 27 31 PM.jpg

Raise your glass to all the festivities of the holiday season... baking cookies, craft markets, parties with friends, seasonal coffees, Christmas movies, cuddling in comfy clothes, twinkle lights, time with family... right now I'm focusing on all the good and fun stuff, and not the ever growing list that needs to be "accomplished" before Christmas Day. 



Exchanging gifts with all the special people in my life

Christmas Eve at my parent's

My work Christmas party

A cookie and cocktail party with my girlfriends

A quick road trip to NC to visit my bestie, her family, and the new baby Bolvi

Throwing a knock-off pre-New-Years-Eve party for my friends, with the main purpose of drinking fancy cocktails (or straight up champagne) and wearing my new silver romper

What are the things you're looking forward to this holiday season?



And Just Like That...

...October is gone, and November is upon us. The beginning of the holiday season....

Time when I start being cold. All. The. Time. Time for crunchy leaves on the ground, hot coffees, shared meals. I'm hosting my first Friendsgiving this year for a bunch of my lady friends, so I'm getting excited and dreaming up some decorations and good recipes. My tendency these days is to not go over the top, but to stick with simple and beautiful. I have no interest in exhausting myself to create and cook things that are simply for show, or to out-do someone on Pinterest or Instagram. I want the main focus to be time with my friends... and since we'll be together, it will in turn be beautiful.

Photo Nov 03, 1 09 56 PM.jpg

Other than that, the days have been busy... I'm definitely not a fan of the time change, I hate it getting dark so early... but at least its light in the mornings now when I trek outside with the pup. 

Basically, my life revolves around food. Haha. But really, Columbus is teeming with places to eat and drink, and in the cold and wet months, other than hibernate at home, what is there to do but eat and drink? If you're with good people, then it makes it all the better. Especially when they are inspired and want to take you places they love and you haven't visited yet!

And can I take a moment and sing of my love for the brand, Aerie? They have done such a wonderful job of displaying women and girls of all sizes and shapes... and they create such lovely and comfortable things. I'm a huge fan of their bralettes and always stock up when they have an underwear sale. I'm a big fan of having beautiful things in your life to live and sleep in... just for yourself. And Aerie has such a pretty selection of delicate to sporty, comfy and sexy things. This is not promoted in any way, I just really like what they stand for as a brand.