So Much to Be Grateful For


A November rainstorm was blowing, rain and wind and chilly temperatures. Friends ran into the house soaked and laughing, holding warm dishes of food to share. Everyone gathered and poured a drink, nibbled cheese and snapped Instagrams of the table. Little conversation starters had been placed around the table... questions and little blurbs to get everyone chatting. It was generally unnecessary- for where colorful, loving people are gathered, conversation flows. (And the champagne punch didn't hurt either!)

One of the prompts was to say one of your best traits- and as each lady went around the table, the others chimed in and encouraged, organically, and as only friends can. This was a group of ladies where some had years of friendship under their belts, others a handful of months, and some had only met that night. As the candles flickered, the light glowed in our eyes- women who had just been introduced over a cheese board named strengths, and close friends laughed and supported each other.

As we rounded the table, my turn came. Words such as "welcoming", "hospitable", and"creative" were mentioned. I myself said my strengths were acceptance/love for others and creativity. I was not being full of myself. It had taken me years to realize the things that motivated my heart, the things I naturally am drawn towards... and then the confidence to say them out loud. To not be ashamed to know what I am good at, and what drives me. And as I looked around the table, the vintage glassware and blue and white china I had lain out, the thrifted brass candlesticks winking with a magical glow... I also took in the amazing humans I have collected over the years. 

This year, there is a lot to be thankful for. 





Pink Lemonade

Lingonberry Concentrate (from Ikea)

Raspberry Liqueur

Cointreau (Orange Liqueur)

Orange slices


Pour everything to taste into a pretty punch bowl... enjoy! The beauty of punch is that there is no sure, tried and true recipe. 


No one really tells you
That mainly it's important for a person
To be there. 
Soulmates and connections are dreamy
But for all the heartbeat skips and giddy feelings
Someone who is on the sofa
Next to you
That's important
-Em Ogden, June 26, 2017

We've all met a person(or persons)that makes our stomachs do weird flippy-floppy things. Has us blinking in amazement and gushing to our best friends... "We have so much in common! Its scary, weird, uncanny!" The kind of person and connection that makes you fall quick and hard and see cartoon hearts and want to just hold hands and jump on a plane to Paris with a virtual stranger. Its like falling headfirst into adventure and possibilities, you feel like singing and dancing and making so many exceptions.

Red flags turn a muted rose color because you're up to the challenge for something so real. So intense... 

...But he's a traveling musician who is used to a lot of attention and girls fawning over him... and you aren't that sort of girl...

Or he's going through a life crisis and says "you're wonderful" but pulls the rug out from under you, causing that falling in like feeling to be more like rolling down a set of stairs onto a pile of rocks. 

The main thing? Though there were connections, they weren't ever really... there. They were existing in a dreamy, pastel colored other-world that played love songs by Angus and Julia Stone and where you could stay up 'til 2am every night giggling into a phone. 

The real world, real people... maybe they aren't as "dreamy". But maybe its nice to not always feel nauseous. (lets face it, that's what those damn butterflies do anyhow.) While the allure of someone who is a free-spirit, an artist, who is super passionate and sensitive is addictive...

...someone who will hug you on a Monday, or hold your hand on the sofa, or take you for coffee and shopping for records on the weekend... that's special.

Relationships and communication are hard enough without your body and mind feeling like they're reeling. All. The. Time. Maybe the sound of a steady beating heart beneath your head is the real lovely thing... because its there. And you're there. And you can't hug someone who is miles away emotionally and physically... you can't hold the hand of someone that is so caught up in personal drama that they have no free hand to offer.

You are worth someone having two hands free to offer, a beating heart to rest your head upon. You should be taken out for coffee and made to laugh while being able to see the light dance in their eyes. You deserve someone being present. Someone being there.