New Season

Photo Mar 19, 7 29 20 AM.jpg

Wiping the bleariness that still rested around my eyes, I padded into the kitchen. The pup sat down on the floor, jingling her tags as she scratched at an early morning itch. My socks shuffled along the laminate floor as I turned the faucet to fill her water bowl. Through the window, I suddenly noticed the kitchen was a wash of soft, neon pink. Bouncing and lighting on the counter and casting a haze on the lace curtains. 

The sky was canvas of hot pink and deep, velvety blue, the air outside, cold and crisp, fighting for warmth and a new season. 

On Top of the World

Apologies for the radio silence lately... I had a post all lined up and due to a malfunction it was deleted and I was too tired to upload all the photos again. Then it was Thanksgiving and Black Friday (I work in the retail world, so, craziness) and my Macbook's charger decided to poop out on me. 

But I welcome you all back with lovely photos of a trip I took to North Carolina this past weekend. My best friend got a job with Samaritan's Purse this summer and in the past two weeks made the move with her family to Boone. With myself having just moved to Columbus and the holiday, I hadn't had a chance to see her before the official move! This was not acceptable! 

Like everything I do, it was a bit of crazy leading up to it- but Friday I was on the road by 9am and made great time. It was a gorgeous day and I have to admit I really enjoyed the time in the car. I listened to a little of Aziz Ansari's audiobook and part of Rachel Held Evan's latest book, but mostly I listened to music and the solace of my own thoughts. 

It was a great trip. My best friend's family is my second family- I'm close to her parents and her in-laws and I'm always grateful for time with them. There was lots of good food, a Christmas concert given by Samaritan's Purse, Play-Dough time with the little one, attempts at photographing the stars and a trek up to the (almost) top of a mountain. 

I'm thankful that she's only 6 hours away- its still too far, but it is manageable. We were able to keep our Christmas tradition of decorating her tree and home together and it did help it feel a bit more like the holiday season.