Art Show

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Just popping in to say that May is gonna be a bit nuts...traveling, work, life, music... and at the end of it, May 23rd, I'll have a spot at an art show downtown Columbus.

If anyone would be interested in purchasing a ticket (they're $22) I would be very grateful! (I have a certain amount of tickets that I need to sell for my entry to the show- and I need to sell them by May 15!)  If you're local and can attend, or if you'd just like to support an artist you follow!  

My artist profile/where to purchase your ticket/s

If you follow me on instagram (which you should, since its where I update the most!) I'll be hosting a giveaway to anyone who purchases a ticket! Stay tuned for more info.



What's Going On...

(Photo by my lovely and talented friend, Kate Fleming)

(Photo by my lovely and talented friend, Kate Fleming)

Just to check in...

I was formally offered a position in Columbus with my company this past week. I will still be doing visuals, but I will be in a bigger volume store, working with a team. I am extremely excited and grateful for this opportunity... and I will finally be moving out of Dayton and for that, I am extremely thankful. (Sorry to any Dayton lovers!) 

While I am super stoked about all of this- it of course it happening so fast! I only have one week left at my store in Beavercreek! Craziness. I currently do not have a place in Columbus, so I will be commuting/staying with my sister until I am able to move. 

Its exciting and stressful and great and too much all at once. I wanted to let everyone know- I'll do my best to keep up with things on here as I go... I was going to do an "All the Things" post... but I only had like two books to recommend, so I'll wait til I have a few more fun things to post about.