This weekend went by in a blur. Between having a new pup, working Friday and celebrating Mother's Day/my Dad's birthday, it barely feels like it happened!

Late nights, early mornings (not all pup related!) have made me super sleepy and in need of the quad shot iced coffee I'm drinking this morning. But it was a gorgeous weekend, our puppers is doing great- she already is understanding "sit" and has been able to be loose in the yard to play without her lead. 

I made a pretty little brunch Sunday morning for my parents and we were able to visit and introduce them to their new grand-pup, and we honestly had the most gorgeous weather... and I made some yummy G&Ts Friday night for when my sister and I caught up on The Handmaid's Tale. (totally addicted to the show- I hate waiting week to week for a new episode! Its 2017 Hulu... seriously!) 


Also... is there anything cuter than a sleeping puppy and the positions they fall dead asleep in?! I think not...