The older I grow, the more I have an appreciation for routines. Whether its making or getting a coffee in the morning, getting up at a similar time each day etc...

With a growing pup at home, and the hot summer months upon us, I've decided to mix up our routine a bit...four days a week (the days I work) getting up first thing and running out to get my coffee in a pair of cut-offs and sunnies, then popping home to give the pup some attention and a quick walk before the heat of the day is at its most intense. Then getting dressed and ready for work while the pup chews a toy or terrorizes her pillow in my room. 


The other three days are a little more flexible, I may find myself sleeping a touch later, or we may go for a longer walk, she may even ride with me to get coffee... or I may go to breakfast, or spend the morning with someone and give the pup some focused attention a little later. 

Either way, I'm a fan of routine, but I'm also a fan of being flexible and enjoying life.