October Weekends

Photo Oct 22, 1 04 44 PM.jpg

Usually the weekends seem to fly by with a sort of careless speed that leaves me waking up on Monday, rubbing my eyes and wondering where they went...

Today is Monday though, and I feel as though I lived at least a week over the past three days. The good news is that it seems as though Ohio finally got the memo that its autumn, and the trees have started turning brilliant shades of red and gold almost overnight. It makes this lady extremely happy. 


Other things that make me very happy, you may ask? (and even if you didn't, this is my corner of the world, so I'm going to share anyway!) Standing Friday morning coffee dates with my gorgeous friends, and wearing a fun vintage skirt I thrifted....


On Saturday I made it a point to take some time, grab a coffee and try and journal for a while. I've always been a journal keeper, but I definitely go through seasons where I fall out of practice. Trying to jump back in...


Photo Oct 21, 1 39 37 PM.jpg

...And yesterday afternoon I was feeling blue and so my friends and I decided to enjoy maybe the last bit of gorgeous weather and did a bit of a pub/restaurant/bar hop... which was just what I needed. So very thankful for good friends, beautiful weather and patios.

Summer Life

So far this summer has been full of fun, lovely things. Small trips, good food, time with family and friends... outdoor movies that get rained out, concerts, and dates with a boy who makes me smile.

I can't believe how big our puppy has grown- she's a full-fledged teenager now, awkward and clumsy and always wanting to be the center of attention. It's all we can do to try and wear her out!

Recently I've revisited some things from days gone by... like palazzo pants. Still a bit unsure of the whole wide-leg pant styles... I'm forever in love with skinnies... but for work I embraced this pair of striped ones from Target. I don't hate them, but I'm trying to not have flashbacks from when I was an awkward 16 year old. 

I've also been re-listening to a few artists that I just lost track of such as the AMAZING St. Vincent. Love.

Happy summer folks!