October Weekends

Photo Oct 22, 1 04 44 PM.jpg

Usually the weekends seem to fly by with a sort of careless speed that leaves me waking up on Monday, rubbing my eyes and wondering where they went...

Today is Monday though, and I feel as though I lived at least a week over the past three days. The good news is that it seems as though Ohio finally got the memo that its autumn, and the trees have started turning brilliant shades of red and gold almost overnight. It makes this lady extremely happy. 


Other things that make me very happy, you may ask? (and even if you didn't, this is my corner of the world, so I'm going to share anyway!) Standing Friday morning coffee dates with my gorgeous friends, and wearing a fun vintage skirt I thrifted....


On Saturday I made it a point to take some time, grab a coffee and try and journal for a while. I've always been a journal keeper, but I definitely go through seasons where I fall out of practice. Trying to jump back in...


Photo Oct 21, 1 39 37 PM.jpg

...And yesterday afternoon I was feeling blue and so my friends and I decided to enjoy maybe the last bit of gorgeous weather and did a bit of a pub/restaurant/bar hop... which was just what I needed. So very thankful for good friends, beautiful weather and patios.

Weekending- Summer Style

This weekend, my sister Val and I headed out to Pennsylvania to attend the wedding of one of her good friends- due to an emergency, I ended up being enlisted as the wedding photographer- which I was happy to do. We had fun doing the whole wedding thing, (an open bar and dancing, what's not to enjoy?!) and then on Sunday, we made the spontaneous decision to drive another hour and a half and stay the night with our friend Stephen in New Jersey! He basically lives right across from Manhattan, so we were able to visit him, pop over to NYC AND watch the GOT premiere before heading back Monday morning.

A weekend well spent. 

These photos make Allentown, PA seem a touch quainter than it was... but we still had a great time! 

I've been to NYC twice now, and both occasions I had limited time... but I've enjoyed it. This was the first time I saw the Statue of Liberty, and the Ground Zero/World Trade Center area was open, so it was nice to visit and see the reflecting pools. Next time I pop in to visit my friend Stephen I'll make sure and schedule more time for exploring.