A Stylish Collaboration With JORD Wood Watches


I'll admit I've been approached by a few companies here and there to do collaborations or sponsored posts, and while I feel very small on the social media influencer pole and have always felt flattered... I've never really felt drawn to any of the brands... until JORD Wood Watches contacted me about collaborating with them for their Holiday 2017 Campaign. 

Most people know I'm all about aesthetics and beauty. I also happen to be a watch person. Having lived abroad and traveled a LOT, wearing a watch is a necessity, like drinking coffee and wearing cute shoes!

I'm not only a fan of the wooden watch band design (my dad IS a woodworker, so, pretty cool!) But the watch comes packaged beautifully in a gorgeous wood box with the JORD logo burnt into the wood. I'm not one to rep things I don't love, and while I received this watch in agreement with my collaboration, I truly and honestly adore it and will be wearing it on the reg. Definitely take a moment to check out all the other gorgeous styles on their site, and maybe check off a holiday gift for someone special! (or yourself! You're special. Duh.)


Plus, super exciting if you follow my link, you can get 25% off your purchase!




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Apartment Therapy Feature

Last year, around Christmas, I submitted some photos of my (now old) apartment to Apartment Therapy. That was that, I never really thought much about it afterwards. 

Imagine my delight, when tonight, as I was browsing Pinterest, I came across one of my photos... via Apartment Therapy! I must have either not received notification, or somehow missed it! I was super thrilled but sad that I hadn't been able to reply to any of the comments which are now more than 10 months old. 

Hopefully when I get my new apartment up to snuff I'll resubmit for a new tour! But take a peek over on their site and see my now retro apartment. ;)