New Season

Photo Mar 19, 7 29 20 AM.jpg

Wiping the bleariness that still rested around my eyes, I padded into the kitchen. The pup sat down on the floor, jingling her tags as she scratched at an early morning itch. My socks shuffled along the laminate floor as I turned the faucet to fill her water bowl. Through the window, I suddenly noticed the kitchen was a wash of soft, neon pink. Bouncing and lighting on the counter and casting a haze on the lace curtains. 

The sky was canvas of hot pink and deep, velvety blue, the air outside, cold and crisp, fighting for warmth and a new season. 

The Same As You

My favorite place to be

Is sitting next to someone

It can be on the sofa in my living room

Across the table at a crowded coffee shop

Drinking wine on the porch 

Or walking through neighborhoods as the sun sets


My favorite thing is being honest and open

Tackling the hard things

The things that we were taught never to address

To hide

To tuck away and pretend are invisible


My favorite thing is when you discover

That the terrible things aren't as terrible as you once 

Were made to believe

And that the person across from you

Feels relief and confusion and hope 

The same as you