New Season

Photo Mar 19, 7 29 20 AM.jpg

Wiping the bleariness that still rested around my eyes, I padded into the kitchen. The pup sat down on the floor, jingling her tags as she scratched at an early morning itch. My socks shuffled along the laminate floor as I turned the faucet to fill her water bowl. Through the window, I suddenly noticed the kitchen was a wash of soft, neon pink. Bouncing and lighting on the counter and casting a haze on the lace curtains. 

The sky was canvas of hot pink and deep, velvety blue, the air outside, cold and crisp, fighting for warmth and a new season. 

2017 IN PHOTOS, 04.17-6.17


April was a lot of hurry up and wait for warmer weather... Ohio is such a tease when it comes to spring... then all of a sudden its 80 degrees and you're sweating. Lots of brunches and coffee and time with my sister... a little bit of an emotional roller coaster, a partial broken heart, but also planning for some big things in May....


In May, I finally purchased an upright piano. I volunteered at the Designer's Show House at the Columbus Museum of Art... and, we got our little fur monster, Molly.....



June was full of puppy moments... storms, dates, drinks and friends. I hosted a wine night, and gave my best friend her first Jeni's ice cream experience...